A Tour of the New Pulse Networking BU Website & Product Finder Tool

    by Pulse Networking Team


    Pulse Electronics Networking BU is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. As part of our continued efforts to be your preferred technology partner, our team has designed and structured the new website to help you find products faster, gain quick access to order samples, purchase parts, and get custom quotes. Our new website is host to many changes, however the most impactful change is our new Product Finder tool.

    We thought we’d take you on a little journey to show you all of the features we've included and how the design simplifies your search for the parts you need.

    If you'd like a quick overview of the new website before reading about all the features, check out our video announcement:

    Using the Product Finder Tool

    Designers and engineers, this update is for you! The Product Finder tool is the heart of our website — it enables designers to directly search for Pulse Electronics Networking BU parts and components using parametric data filters. All data is real time and feeds from our main database, so there is no guessing about how current the search results might be - it's all current information.

    The Product Finder tool is mobile responsive so no matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can easily find the products you need. The Product Finder tables will auto populate based on your search method, without the need for page reloading or inconvenient redirects. Just type, filter or select and watch the relevant parts appear! How meta.

    Key Sections of the Product Finder Interface


    A - Select the main product family category you'd like to search.

    B - Tab between specific sub-categories of each product family category.

    C - Parametric filters to narrow down parts in the table. Each filter will also display the total parts available for that specific filter. The table will auto update as you add filters - no waiting required.

    D - Total Product Count. This number will auto update as you select filter options based on total filters

    E - Search box. Search by individual part number, or filter option. The table will auto update as you make your entries using the search box, too.

    F - The green plus sign on the row means there are additional fields available for the parts. Simply click and the additional columns will display as rows below the part.

    G - The Product Finder table. Each part category and sub-category offers the specific fields of data you need to research and locate the part you need for your project.

    H - Action buttons: Compare, Add to My Products, Buy Now, Order Samples, Request a Quote and Request Support. 

    I - Access your My Products cart page. You will always see your total part count for parts you have added to review and compare later.

    Product Category Filters

    If you’re looking for multiple products, we’ve got your back there, too. There are 7 main product families through which you can search and filter using various sets of data, including:

    1. Connectors
    2. Inductors
    3. MSAN Filters
    4. Broadband Filters
    5. Single Transformers
    6. RF Filters
    7. CM Chokes

    To use the main product finder filters, just enter your requirements within the available fields and the Product Finder will instantly narrow your results based upon this data.


    Product Detail Page

    Bringing the power to our Product Finder tool means getting the full picture of any one product. When using the Product Finder, you gain access to all the information on that product, including datasheets, and an easy view of other available files to download, including 3D Models and RoHS Certificate of Conformity. 

    We've included the same action buttons on the Product Detail pages, so you can request quotes or support, easily access our inventory to buy parts or request samples.

    It's easy to open a part's Product Detail page — just click on the part number within any given product table. 



    We know the importance of a side by side comparison when deciding the right part for your projects, and our goal was to create a “Compare” functionality that allows you to choose multiple parts within any given product family, then compare the chosen products side-by-side.

    To use the Compare feature, select the checkboxes of the products you want to compare and then click the Compare button. From there, you can return to the Product Finder to add more parts or add the compared parts to the "My Products" page.


    Request a Quote & Request Support

    When searching for products, it’s the little things that can make a big difference — even the most seemingly small changes can give you time back in your day. We’re excited to introduce our new Request a Quote and Request Support features.

    As you find your parts in the category you're searching, you can simply check the parts you'd that you'd like to receive custom quotes or request support, click the appropriate button and a form will pop up form will appear. Once you've submitted the form, you can close the pop up window and continue using the Product Finder.

    As an added feature for the quote request, up to four part numbers are auto-filled for you. Just add the quantity and your contact information, and continue your part searches. No more will you need to write down part numbers so you can know the correct number is entered.

    In the past, engineers and designers had to be redirected to a new page to submit the forms, so this keeps you in one central spot for all your part searches. It's a win-win for both of us!


    My Products Cart

    Sometimes the best changes aren’t mind blowing — they just provide convenience you didn't know you wanted or needed yet. The “My Products” page acts just like a shopping cart allowing you to add multiple products throughout your search. This new page offers a location to later review and compare your product choices, request quotes, request support, and easy access to buy now or request samples.

    To add products to your My Products page, select the check boxes next to products you wish to add. Click the "Add to My Products" button and the products will be automatically added to your cart. For added convenience, your My Products cart remembers your cart selections based on your computer's IP address, so even if you close the Product Finder, when you are ready to search again at a later date, your previous part selections will be available in your cart. You can clear your cart at any time while on the My Products view.

    To enter your cart, simply click the My Products page link at the top right of the web page. This is also where you can see a total of the number of parts you've added to your cart within parentheses. All set now.


    Other Product Finder Features

    There are additional features within the Product Finder Tool and website all geared toward efficiency. These include…

    • Stock Check/Buy Now - a quick glance into real-time inventory for major Pulse Networking BU distributors.
    • Order Samples - Order samples of any of the Pulse Electronics Networking BU parts.
    • Datasheets - A link to the part's related datasheet can be found in one of the last columns of any given product table - click to view and/or download. Some of the tables with a large number of field columns so be sure to click the green "+" sign to access the additional columns - you'll see the datasheet column before the additional files column.
    • 3D Models & RoHS CoC Files - If available for a part, all tables and Product Detail pages include a Files column which will house a zip file for 3D Models and RoHS CoC files. Simply click and download.
    • Site Only Google Search - Our Search option will search our full site only and present results on Google. While we think our navigation will get you where you want to go, if there is a specific topic or resource you are seeking, do a search and find our pages that apply. To do a site wide search, click the magnifying glass in the upper right portion of the menu.

    Other Website Enhancements

    Product Search Bar

    You can search for any part by part number - or portion of part number - using the Product Search Bar that is below the menu on every page. Once you make an entry, the Product Search bar will start its search and provide a dropdown of all parts that fit your search entry. You can click on the part number and you will be taken to the part's Product Detail page.


    Product Page Tables

    Finally, we’ve settled an ongoing dilemma: Do I have to leave a product page to search for products? Absolutely not! We've included our product tables on the individual product pages, and they are filtered to the specific product or product group for you. Looking at the Ethernet Transformers page? The table on that page will show our Ethernet Transformer parts for fast searching.

    But, wait! There’s more. The Product Tables offer all of the same capabilities you'll find on the full category Product Finder: request quotes or support, order samples, or find the inventory to buy on our Stock Check page. View the same Product Detail page for each part that you'll find on the main Product Finder. And last but not least, you can even add the parts from individual product pages to your My Products cart as you search and review them later. 

    Pro Tip: Looking for multiple parts from our different category of part solutions? Use your My Products cart by adding the parts as you locate them from any table, and save the multiple browser tabs by reviewing in a clean organized environment on the My Products cart view.


    Resource Center

    Finding relevant information on products, datasheets, or our distributors shouldn’t feel like a struggle. We get that. That’s why we created our dedicated resource center, Pulse Networking Resources, which provides one central location for quick access to educational, strategic and transactional tools. Here's what you'll find in our new resources page:

    • Product Finder
    • Stock Check
    • Distributors/Reps
    • Order Samples
    • Quote Request
    • Product Support
    • IC Cross Reference
    • Competitor X-Reference
    • Datasheets
    • Technical Papers
    • News & Insights
    • Events & Tradeshows
    • Power News & Insight


    News Blog

    For those of you who want to level-up your Pulse Electronics Networking BU knowledge base: the wait is over. We’ve got a suite of news and product insights on our new blog to make sure that every question is answered— from new product announcements to behind-the-scenes of events and tradeshows.

    If you have any issues or feedback, just contact our support team. We always welcome thoughts and suggestions. Share your thoughts in the comments below - we'll read and respond to every one.

    Upcoming Features & Tools

    We’ll be continuing to to add more guides, tools, and industry-leading content so we make the flow of our new website even easier. On behalf of our entire team at Pulse Electronics Networking BU, we welcome you to your new web experience.

    Now we’ve told you all about our new website, why not go check it out for yourself? We’d love to hear what you think.

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    Originally published . Updated January 30, 2018.
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