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    High quality fiber optic connector and cage products for demanding network applications.

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    About Our Fiber Optic Products

    fiber-optic-connectorsPulse Electronics Networking BU supplies high-quality fiber optic connectors and cages to innovative ODMs, OEMs and other manufacturers designing today's most demanding network products. Our line of 40+ fiber optic connectors include SFP, SFP+, and QSFP connector and cage products.

    Key Product Specifications:

    • SFP & SFP+ Cages/Connectors
    • QSFP & QSFP+ Cages
    • With & Without Lightpipes
    • With & Without Heatsinks
    • Press Fit, SMT & THT Package Options
    • Gold 15 U" & Gold 30 U" Contact Area Plating
    • 1G, 5G, 10G, 40G & 100G Performance
    • 1xN & 2xN Platforms
    • Standard Industry Footprints
    • EMI Shielding Options
    • Signal Integrity Simulations
    • RoHS Compliant

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