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    High-quality components for today's LAN applications.

    The Trusted Components Supplier for LAN Applications

    Our LAN discrete magnetic transformers and integrated connector modules (ICMs) are designed and manufactured to comply with IEEE802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards. Pulse Electronics Networking BU also offers a competitive range of RoHS compliant products for local area network devices.

    • Switches
    • Servers
    • PoE & PoE+
    • 10GBase-T
    • HDBaseT™ Technology

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    Our Featured LAN Components

    Below are a few of our featured products designed to meet your most demanding product needs for local area network applications.

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    New Discrete & Connector 1000Base-T PoE Modules Operate Up to 140W Max Power

    Pulse Electronics Networking BU has designed our 1000Base-T PoE parts to allow for maximum power of 140W. Pulse has both Ethernet magnetics and Ethernet connector modules that accommodate the higher...

    [Video] 2.5GBase-T & 5GBase-T Ethernet Magnetics Series Enables 802.11ac WiFi

    Pulse Electronics Networking BU now offers a high-quality line of 2.5GBase-T and 5GBase-T Ethernet magnetics supporting 4P PoE connections for multiple Ethernet applications. All Ethernet...

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