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    High-quality components for the telecom industry's most demanding applications.

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    Magnetic Components for the Telecom Industry

    As a leading manufacturer of magnetic components and modules for the telecom industry, we keep pace with current IC vendor requirements and we know what it takes to effectively reduce your design size and costs. We supply products for a variety of telecom applications including broadband, TelcoTV, central office equipment, customer premise equipment and other networking based applications.

    Our catalog products conform to UL, TUV and BABT requirements and to ANSI, ITU and ETSI standards.

    Telecom Applications

    Central Office (CO) Equipment

    Browse our networking components designed for your telecom central office equipment and central office systems applications.

    Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

    View our networking components that drive the next great customer premise equipment (CPE) devices around the globe.

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