Central Office Equipment & Systems

    Electronic components for telecom central office systems.

    Your Components Partner for Today's Central Office Systems

    As one of the longest standing, global suppliers of components for Central Office applications, Pulse Electronics Network BU has the parts you need to create the next great CO product.

    Central Office Products Include:

    • xDSL Filter Modules
    • xDSL Splitter Filter Modules
    • xDSL Splitter Circuits

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    Featured Central Office Products

    Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) Filters

    Search our line of multi-service access node (MSAN) filters and discover what makes them your ideal solution for Central Office applications. These CO products help reduce the amount of time and money OEMs often spend on development.

    Key Features:

    • Exceed ANSI & ETSI standards
    • SMT & THT Mounting Options
    • Support ADSL, VDSL & G.fast Applications
    • Cost Effective Design
    • Scalable Capacity from 1 - 96 Lines

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